Test Units

The XA2 Yield Test Unit is a computer controlled vertical farming system designed for teaching & training, laboratory research as well as for testing seed, nutrient and growing cycle regimes for commercial replication in larger XA Series Warehouse systems.

  • 2 separate growing areas with individual touchscreen computer control
  • Modular LED low voltage lighting (typically 237 ųMol/m²/s)
  • Food Grade plastic growing benches– each 1m²  (~10ft²) area – on rolling mounts for easy access
  • Automated Flood & Drain watering system for each grow bench, suited to a wide range of growing media
  • Integrated water chillers for each growing bench to control root zone temperature
  • Touchscreen control:
    • pH acidity setting for automatic dosing
    • EC nutrient level for automatic dosing
    • Automated EC and pH sensor calibration reminders
    • Watering – duration of flood & interval between floods
    • Germination – duration of dark period
    • LED Photoperiod duration
    • LED Photoperiod start-time
  • Step by Step 60 page Operators Manual
  • Online technical support
  • Full 12 Month warranty with spare parts readily available


Installation Requirements

  • A level floor area of at least 3m x 2.4m (9’ x 8’) and 2.4m (8’) ceiling height.
  • Access to water with a 12mm(1/2”) garden hose that will remain connected
  • Access to a drain where a 12mm (1/2”) garden hose can be run at the end of each crop to pump out the nutrient tanks.
  • The floor needs to be able to cope with any accidental water spillage, dropped grow medium, plant matter etc.
  • Inside the room the temperature needs to be a stable 25-27°C (75°F-80°F)– usually a domestic split cycle air conditioner is sufficient.
  • The humidity inside the room needs to be ~65% -usually a domestic type 25L/day dehumidifier is sufficient.
  • Power outlet for the XA2 machine which draws a maximum of 750W.
  • Availability of a wet waste bin is required for residual root and plant matter disposal


XA2 Unit US$38,000
Note: All prices plus Shipping & Handling charges

All sales in Australia are +GST

Optional Alarm System

The optional GSM Alarm system automatically sends pre-programmed text messages to nominated cell phone numbers in the unlikely event that either water, power or pH levels have problems. The GSM Alarm system requires a SIM card with text messaging account.

Alarm system US$480

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